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Huawei P30 is available. Where can you buy it for the best price?

As expected, Huawei launched the marketing of P30, the new flagship, at the end of last week. It benefits from a very wide distribution, both for specialized retailers and for operators.

It was expected and here it is: the P30. The high-end smartphone occupies a large part of the data sheet of the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, the P30 is a serious competitor of the iPhone XS and the Galaxy S10. More serious than the P20 compared to the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone 8. Firstly, because the datasheet does not have to be much jealous of the American and Korean terminals.

Cheaper than competitors

Secondly, because the pricing remains relatively moderate. The iPhone, on the other hand, has exceeded the tariff stratosphere and the Galaxy is following them closely. The iPhone XS, because it is the competitor of the P30, is available from 1159 euros. The Galaxy S10 is sold for 909 euros. The P30 remains under 800 euros. It is marketed for 799 euros, excluding promotion, excluding subsidies and excluding shipping costs.

Huawei P30Huawei P30

It is generally for this price that you find it in the stores that offer it. Whether it's Amazon, Auchan, Baker, Darty, Electro Depot, Fnac, LDLC, RueDuCommerce or Materiel.net. It is possible that you can buy it cheaper (or more expensive) at the market places. For example, a professional seller on Rakuten offers 747 euros with free shipping. The product is said to be "European" certified. That should reassure you about compatibility with French telecom networks. But this is clearly not certified.

From 140 euros for operators

Let's go to the operators. The three suppliers that offer the subsidy naturally offer the P30. Let's start with Orange. Here the P30 is offered from 140 euros. This price is only available with the 150 GB package. With the 100 GB package, the P30 goes up to 151 euros and with the 50 GB package it is offered at 360 euros. It returns to its open market price with the cheapest packages (10GB, 2H 5GB and 2H 100MB). Note that these prices may be slightly lower, since an ODR of 100 euros applies until mid-May.

Huawei P30Huawei P30

At SFR the P30 is available from 249 euros (we only mention the prices for a one-off payment when ordering). This price is only available with the Premium Unlimited package. The P30 then rises to 291 euros with Power 100 GB and Power 50 GB packages, and then to 791 euros with Starter 100 MB and Starter 2H packages. Or a small grant of … 8 euros. Or a month free package, roughly modo.

Eventually the P30 will be sold at Bouygues Telecom from 362 euros. This price is available with the Sensation 70 GB. The price of the phone goes to 427 euros with the Sensation 50 GB, then to 647 euros with the Sensation 5 GB to end up at 667 euros with the Sensation 50 MB. As always, Bouygues Telecom is the only one offering an attractive subsidy with these lowest packages.



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