How the main character of BioShock is revealed … and it’s disappointing

A Twitter user has just published the character model for BioShock’s the protagonist Jack and the fans of the game have fun making fun of him. The original game of the famous franchise was launched in 2007 with almost universal critical acclaim. After its launch, it received numerous awards for the Game of the Year and has since been praised as one of the best video games ever developed. The franchise is so popular that it even had a film in development for several years.

BioShock It is a first person shooter with a lot of role-playing and horror influences. The game begins with Jack’s plane crashing into the ocean and he arrives at the “utopia” underwater abduction. Due to the population’s addiction to alter their own genes and internal struggles between several different factions, most of Rapture’s inhabitants have gone crazy and violent by the time Jack arrives. Jack spends most of the game working with a man named Atlas when he starts trying to locate and stop Rapture founder Andrew Ryan.

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Vincent Kinian posted on Twitter yesterday to show other users the character model in the game for Jack. Since the game is completely in the first person, players never really see what Jack looks like. The character model shows Jack wearing a sweater while looking with blank eyes. Fans immediately mocked or defended Jack’s fashion options. A user even says “A man is not entitled to the comfort of his sweater?“A joke that is repeated in the thread is that Jack actually looks quite like the character of Chris Evans in the movie Knives outside.

the BioShock The franchise grew and became even more critically acclaimed after the launch of the first game. Infinite He got so many compliments, if not more, than the original title and is considered one of the best games of the seventh generation of consoles. All three titles have since been remastered BioShock: The Collection, which is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A fourth game of the franchise was also officially announced last week.

The totality BioShock The trilogy is still incredibly important for many players. There was a great demand from the public for a remastered collection despite having spent almost a decade since the original’s launch. With all the love and support that people have for the series, it must have been a shock to see exactly how Jack looks. Even if man has no sense of fashion, they can surely overcome that to love the BioShock franchise independently.

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Source: Vincent Kinian

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