How Microsoft’s next Xbox plans to end the console war with Sony

  • This holiday season, both Microsoft and Sony are launching next-generation game consoles: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, respectively.
  • Although the two consoles compete directly, Microsoft is intentionally moving its Xbox business away from direct competition with Sony.
  • Instead of focusing on the new Xbox console as a replacement for the current one, as Microsoft and Sony did in the past, Microsoft is making a different play: a library of digital games that works on all Xbox devices.
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This holiday season, both Sony and Microsoft plan to release new versions of the so-called “next generation” of PlayStation and Xbox.

Goodbye, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Hello, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X!

It marks the fourth “generation” of game consoles that Microsoft and Sony consoles have faced, starting with the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox at the beginning of the century. Nintendo came out of direct hardware competition with both companies years ago, starting with the successful launch of Nintendo Wii in 2006.

These days, “console wars” are a confrontation between the Sony PlayStation and the Microsoft Xbox. But in 2020, it seems that Microsoft is changing its business strategy in a way that could end forever.

This is how Microsoft plans to do it:


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