Harry Potter RPG built entirely in Minecraft takes years in development

Minecraft is one of those genius strokes that may have left you wondering what it took someone so long to do it. Its open world platform has become home to many virtual worlds, including those linked to some existing franchises. Sometimes that becomes an official promotion, but, most of the time, the collective effort of fans is needed to recreate a family universe in the world of blocks. That is exactly what is now about to explode to the public with an unofficial Harry Potter role-playing game that places all the iconic places and objects of the fictional world in Minecraft.

This “game within a game” did not start exactly this way. Almost five years ago, the Minecraft modification team calling itself The Floo Network set out to simply create block versions of the Harry Potter locations. However, after it was achieved, they set their eyes on a higher objective: a role-playing game of Harry Potter inside Vanilla Minecraft.

Do not be disappointed if you can not put the image of characters in the franchise or throw magic wands at infamous villains. This is a role-playing game in its purest form where you can play your own Hogwarts student. The world is full of magic that, if you are familiar with how Minecraft works, is quite an achievement. Instead of a visitor at a theme park, this role-playing game puts you in the shoes of a Hogwarts student.

And you’re not limited to walking around Hogwarts either. The vast world recreates all the familiar places in the books, including the sometimes bleak Diagon Alley and the bustling neighborhood of Hogsmeade. You can find some puzzles and missions here and there to give an appearance of a typical computer role-playing game, but nothing awarded.

The Harry Potter RPG is not yet available to the public but, being a basic map, it should be compatible with most of the players’ clients. Floo Network is running a Patreon campaign to help fund its laudable efforts and they hope to launch the map this month for free.

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