Half-Life: Alyx screenshots supposedly seep with the new Combine and a headless zombie

For the first time since Half-Life: Alyx Buried its beak through our faces and in our dreams, we can have our first new images of the game. Valve News Network, a fan channel dedicated to detecting leaks from the Half-Life house, has published a new video that contains what the creator of the Tyler McVicker channel describes as new Half-Life screens: Alyx. The video reveals nine images in total, although unfortunately we have no way to verify them ourselves.

McVicker says the screens leaked from an internal source of Valve, and show everything from static environmental details to apparent new uniforms for the alien fascist Combine. You will have to watch the video yourself to see all the images, but here are the three that most quickly caught my attention.

(Image credit: Valve / Valve News Network)

This still shows a scene that appeared in the advance of revelation, but also includes those new uniforms I was talking about. These troops seem to have lighter uniforms with different patches on the shoulder. The trailer uses this scene to show an excellent opportunity for Half-Life: Alyx virtual reality hand tracking, that is, raising your hands when a group of happy trigger grunts point their weapons at you, but here we can see hands free.

(Image credit: Valve / Valve News Network)

This image is enlarged to a Combine “Infestation Control” sign. It has a strong atmosphere of “Caution, wet floors” but with Xen monsters instead of slippery tiles. I love the small details of the combined silhouette of a soldier shooting a beast with non-specific tentacles. Clearly, Infestation Control is not doing its job well enough, as you can see on the next screen.

Speaking of which, consider this a blood warning before moving further. The last screenshot shows a very disturbing body horror.

It is really disgusting.

There is not enough skin or organs or anything.

Ok, well here it is.

(Image credit: Valve / Valve News Network)

We’ve seen zombies less the Headcrabs before, but we’ve never seen them in such hectic detail. Observe the layer of subcutaneous fat around the opening of the flared thoracic jaws. Blugh This image takes home the fact that, despite the name, Half-Life zombies are not living dead monsters: they are the living hosts of alien parasites. Still, you are probably doing them a favor by shooting toilets until they die.

Again, none of these screenshots was confirmed as legitimate Valve, so take them all and any details they suggest with a grain of salt. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to see Half-Life: Alyx ourselves: it will be out in March.

Don’t have a PC ready for VR? Valve has not ruled out a Half-Life: Alyx console version.

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