‘GTA4’ leaves Steam after a former Microsoft service stopped selling games

Windows Live games have caused a lot of headaches since Microsoft started closing things in 2013. Developers have had to patch the platform of their games to keep them working properly, including the Batman: Arkham series and Dark souls. GTA 4 It has had its own problems, which has led players to develop solutions to keep the game running smoothly.

There may be relief in sight. Rockstar said he was “looking for other options” to offer GTA 4 on PC and I planned to share more “as soon as [it] “Until then, however, the withdrawal is an example of a textbook of why games should not be linked too close to an external platform. If that platform owner withdraws for some reason, the game could suddenly lose a lot of its functionality And when these closures tend to happen long after the developers moved, fixing that functionality could be a painful process.

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