Google’s AirDrop competitor, near sharing, should arrive soon

Apple AirDrop is one of the features of Cupertino that works like magic. It has a MacOS or iOS device close to each other and can instantly share files and other data without real problems. Unfortunately, things are a bit different on Android. We have dedicated file management applications, in addition to many other means for sharing files and what you have, but nothing that works as perfectly as AirDrop.

However, that should be changing very soon, with the details of Share nearby of Google.

It was first reported in July 2019 that it would be called Fast Share and now apparently renamed to Nearby Sharing, this feature that Google is working on will allow users to quickly share files between them. After establishing a link protocol via Bluetooth, the service uses WiFi to transfer files. This will ensure that data transfer does not take long periods of time.

Details are still scarce in close sharing, but thanks to a dismantling of the latest gaming services by XDAAt least we can note that the devices that use it must be within 1 foot. from each other to establish the base connection. Unfortunately, Google has not announced anything and it is still unclear when we will see its official launch. Maybe Google I / O later this year?

I wouldn’t mind if Google rushed and launched this.

// XDA

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