The Pixelbook Go was announced in October at the great Google hardware event and went on sale in the US. UU. Shortly after, but we were made to wait here in the United Kingdom. Fortunately, as of today, the latest Google laptop is now available to buy this side of the pond.

It starts at £ 629, which is much cheaper than the previous Pixelbook, but it could be said that it is still quite expensive considering its form factor and internal aspects. If you want a Core i5 or i7 chip or more than 8GB of RAM, things become quite expensive …

  • Core M3, 8 / 64GB – £ 629
  • Core i5, 8/128 – £ 829
  • Core i5, 16 / 128GB – £ 949
  • Core i7, 16/256, 4K screen – £ 1, 329

At this time, only the Just Black color is available in any of those configurations, and the prettiest version of Just Pink does not yet have an accurate release date. American consumers had to wait a while for the most expensive variant to go on sale with the 4K screen, but it is available here along with the other models today.

Go to the Google Store if you want to get one, and it’s worth checking out Taylor’s review before deciding.