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Google leaves Allo and the consumer version of Hangouts channel news

Hello will soon disappear from the vocabulary, or rather the catalog, Google. Presented in May 2016 at the Googl I / O conference, cool & smart & # 39; messaging next March suspended, along with Inbox, whose most interesting features are integrated into Gmail. Investments in Allo have stopped in the past few months. However, they are not lost because some product features such as smart response, GIF files and desktop support are integrated with Messages. "Given the constant dynamics of messages, we have decided to no longer support Allo to focus on messages," explains Google's blog Matt Klainer, vice president of consumer communications products, which states that instant messaging is used every month by more than 175 million people through partnerships with more than 40 operators and device manufacturers.

Allo and Inbox seem to be test balls that have been tested by the early adopters and of which the most interesting elements are integrated in the flagship applications, namely Messages and Gmail. "We focus our efforts on a simpler communication experience," says Matt Klainer. The Mountain View company keeps Messages (chats) and Duo (video) for private individuals.

Hangouts was developed for the general public and now focuses on the professional world. The offer is divided into two: Hangouts Chat and Hangout Meet, now for G Suite customers. Users of the current version of Hangouts, which disappear from the catalog, can switch to the two new products. "By re-focusing on Messages and Duo for Consumers and Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for Team Collaboration, we are concentrating on a simpler and more uniform communication experience for everyone." Matt Klainer concludes.

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