Google has launched the possibility to access web services with a fingerprint


Google has launched the possibility to access some web services without a password, for example on a fingerprint, not in an application, namely on a site, via a browser. These days it works with very large limitations. First, not even on all Android phones, but it seems to have started to work for devices with the 7th version of OC and newer, that is, for more or less modern devices. Secondly, it only works in the Chrome browser on Android and so far only from the corporate Google password manager page.

The fact that when visiting a secure webpage you do not have to enter a password, but rather use the usual unlocking method: a fingerprint or a face scan, which is important in itself. The expansion of this service almost promises a new era of secure internet. The fact is that nobody only loves passwords, nor users, nor cyber security experts. All recommendations about different passwords for different services, numbers and letters in different registers, etc., cannot even be executed by nerds, but in general, passwords are written on a piece of paper on a computer screen that was used to display a large number of systems to crack, or these passwords are primitive to the point of absurdity.

And now the news of portable electronics. Social network Snapchat has released the third version of its smart glasses. The most important difference from a technological point of view of the two previous ones is that they now have two cameras, with all the associated options. The most obvious thing is what 3D photography is called. Details are in the program.