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Google Eyes The Future of Gaming, but is the cloud service sufficient for Microsoft and Sony?

Google is coming into play. It was always a question of when and not if. It could very well be now. Google teased the keynote for the upcoming Game Developers Conference 2019 with the words "Gather around while we reveal Google's vision for the future of games". Remember, this didn't take long after the patent that Google filed for a game controller became public knowledge only a few days ago. But because Google wants to enter the game.

For beginners, it's a great cake waiting to be swallowed. According to the numbers of the research company Newzoo, the gaming industry is expected to grow to reach $ 180 billion by 2021. This includes PCs, consoles and mobile games. Secondly, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are currently controlling the gaming space.

However, this could be the final step for the "Project Stream", which ends with a game service on the cloud. We had often heard of a Netflix-style subscription-based game streaming service with all-you-can-consumer positioning. It is believed that Google is testing this in the United States with a small group of users, including allowing users to play Triple-A titles like Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The idea is to simply get you the game controller (surely Google would like to sell you one), connect it to one of the compatible devices and start playing. This brings us to the second question: would there be any hardware in the mix? If it is, it would not be too difficult to consider it as the so-called "Yeti" console that finally turns into reality. However, it will be interesting to see how Google offers this cloud gaming service. Will it be a simple app that could also be downloaded on all Android phones? If so, it will provide Google with access to a huge user base in an instant. Add Android TV to the mix and you will have the big screen gaming experience ready in an instant.
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Then there is the question which titles will be available for streaming. If US tests are something to do, it should be able to accommodate virtually any game title, including those with extreme graphic details. But Google is not a game developer and will have to rely on game developers and publishers for top titles. Could they really offer better potential than Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or even Nvidia currently? However it will not be only in space. C & # 39; s Sony PlayStation Now video game service, with over 700 titles in its library. Nvidia has the GeForce Now service with around 400 titles, for example, running on Windows, macOS and their Nvidia Shield console for TV. The competition is destined to become tougher. It is believed that Amazon is also working on a cloud-based gaming service, while Microsoft has finally confirmed that its xCloud gaming service is already in the works. It is also believed that the summer the company will release an Xbox console, which eliminates the optical disk drive, making it a completely online experience for downloads and gameplay of the game.
Do we have enough internet bandwidth to have a cloud-based gaming service to succeed? In the project flow tests, Google had recommended users to have at least a 25 Mbps internet line to work properly. This in many ways can potentially take the mobile phone out of the equation: 3G / 4G networks in most countries, including India, are clearly not robust enough to make this work.

Google needs another source of revenue, well beyond traditional research strengths, Android and business products. The game is what can perhaps be described as a fruit at low altitude. If Google now gets its subscription-based cloud-gaming service, it could have a first-person advantage in many ways, even though Microsoft and Amazon are preparing their own assaults in space.


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