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Google announces operating system for foldable smartphones

GOogle will further adapt its mobile operating system Android to the Auffalt smartphones. The device category brings new ways in which users can communicate with the devices, said Android CEO Hiroshi Lockheimer, the German news agency at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The functions would initially be developed together with the manufacturers and then integrated into the control system.

For example, Samsung has been working with Google on its Galaxy Fold smartphone to ensure that apps run synchronously on the smaller smartphone screen on the outside and the tablet screen, which unfolds like a book. Huawei has also collaborated with Google in the development of its expandable phone Mate X, with the tablet screen contrasting with the Galaxy Fold on the outside.

"We will learn a lot about how people use them with these first devices – and which app developer find solutions," Lockheimer said. He expects a multi-year learning process as before, for example with the introduction of touchscreens. As long as the device category of foldable smartphones is so new, device manufacturers would still need to work directly with Google to find solutions for their specific phones.

A candy with Q

Google is facing the challenge this year to find a name for the next version of Android that starts with the letter "Q". The group traditionally gives names to desserts in alphabetical order. "I remember when we said in the beginning – in the cupcake and donut era -" Oh, if it concerns Q or Z, that will not be so easy. "But that seemed so many years away" Lockheimer said. It has not yet been decided how it will go with the naming of the Android versions, when the alphabet is ready.

Lockheimer said that Google does not intend to merge the two operating systems Android and Chrome. "We are fortunate that we have two successful operating systems," he said. "But these technologies are different – and that's because the implementation scenario is different."


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