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Funko Pop and Pokémon launch a figure of Bulbasaur – LifeBoxset

No, I do not start this note to reveal how many hours it takes "Avengers: Endgame" because even the studio does not know how many hours it will be at the end.

But until now in the editing rooms, the film takes almost 3 hours of pure action, history and one of the most epic closures in the history of cinema.

Why does it last so long?

Keep in mind that "Endgame" is the conclusion of a total of 22 films.

In addition to the history and making new bows in the MCU, remember that several actors of the saga have also withdrawn from their characters …

And if we add that Disney Fox has already taken over and that many new characters will enter the MCU …

You will understand that this next film must ensure that you absolutely ALL cycles close, a new beginning begins and that absolutely everything is logical.

Are you ready?


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