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For the first time OPPO Find X is being launched in the Middle East and Africa

After the worldwide launch of its long-awaited device, the leading brand OPPO today unveiled its flagship smartphone, OPPO Find X, at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. "Find X" combines innovative technologies and revolutionary design and reflects OPPO's ongoing search for creating smartphones that mimic the future.

OPPO Find X has created a truly stylish design. "Find X" highlights a number of new innovations, including a stunning panoramic design with anti-slip interfaces at the front and back and 3D structured light. These technologies have combined a new level of experience for smartphone users.

"The smartphones from the Find chain represent the constant efforts of OPPO to explore various technical and technical aspects and come up with insights into the future development of mobile smartphones," said Andy Shee, director of OPPO Middle East & Africa. "The GCC is one of the most important markets, especially in the field of smartphones, and today we are proud to launch our newest in Dubai, which has a name as a future city."

Explore the super majestic beauty: a uniform panoramic design

"Find X" creates a new path: the elegant appearance and gentle touch reflect the "beauty of nature" that brings peace and vitality together. The "Find X" was able to solidify a polished image thanks to the design of the front and rear facades without openings, and the same goes for the glass three-dimensional restaurant smoothly at the edges. Besides being stylish, "Find X" is very comfortable in the palm of the hand.

"Find X" has created the panoramic arch screen, an extended screen. OPPO also used COP technology to flexibly fill the screen in Find X, making the visible screen ratio up to 93.8%. With almost the entire front, "Find X" with its panoramic screen offers the user an unprecedented visual experience.

"Find X" comes in two combinations of composite colors: Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue. The versatile color process, used by OPPO, resulted in a perfect combination of the gradient design with 3D arc from the rear. Under the light "Find X" glows like crystal and running water, leading to a vivid color reflection that changes as the environment changes.

Explore Softness: Hidden 3D Camera

"Find X" has a sleek, innovative structure that completely conceals the camera in the handset. When the camera is not in use, it is hidden, creating a sleek, streamlined, uniform appearance from the outside. When activated and in use, the camera opens automatically, the lock is removed and recording starts. This upward and downward process gives the device a very natural and practical design. In addition, the OPPO production team carried out rigorous tests on the sliding structure, while the distance and the hiddenness in the phone can be realized, keeping the design technique in balance with the advantage of stiffness.

The three-dimensional holographic cameras include not only a 25-megapixel front-end, plus two dual-back end 26MP + 20MP, but also a 3D structured LED module and a host of high-tech components. Flood lighting, infrared camera, proximity sensor, point projector and RGB camera receiver. The D-structured3 module used in Find X, on the other hand, can scan 15,000 points, create a complete and accurate 3D unit for the user's face, and then compare it with the owner's registered face for unlocking.

Relive real beauty: upgrade from 2D to 3D

OPPO Find X, powered by structured 3D light, makes further progress in photography. Using high-resolution facial data captured and completed with the 25-megapixel front camera, X searches for 3D Smart Selfie Capture. Find X also creates a three-dimensional model of the user's face with a millimeter resolution. Based on the resulting triangular model, artificial intelligence technology analyzes facial features such as facial shapes and features, and suggestions are made to make faces more natural and realistic.

In addition, the exact face recognition ensures that "Find X" can simulate the different light effects on the human face, so that the illumination of the face is available even for the silvery images. The different light effects are also supported, including the highlight function of the human face, the two-color light that simulates the red-blue color of the classic neon, and the edge of light that illuminates the skin color and makes the ocean more vivid. The portrait light lighting makes silver images more beautiful and creative.

In addition to the 3D Smart Selfie Capture feature, 3D recognition has another interesting 3D Omoji function: you can choose any image you want to create, or create your own cartoon character, Video or "GIF Emoji & # 39; s". You can now use it in any chat app and chat with your friends with your emoji & # 39; s.

OPPO Find X also offers the solution for backlighting for taking photos. The real-time detection technology at pixel level, the Sensor HDR 2.0 sensor, makes the subject and background distinctive when taking a silvery image. This technique saves examples in combination with the final image, which means that what you see is what you get.

On the other hand, OPPO Find X makes it easy to create high resolution images. With the help of AI Scene Recognition, it intelligently recognizes scenes and objects while improving the image. It also supports more than 20 photographic scenarios and more than 800 sets of scenarios, including snow, food, pets, etc.

Advanced software for artificial intelligence

OPPO always investigates how artificial intelligence is used to improve the user experience. OPPO ColorOS 5.1 is based on Android 8.1 and is closely integrated with the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform. The artificial intelligence capability of this setup helps to better understand the needs of the user than before.

As the third generation of the Qualcomm Mobile AI platform, the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is designed with all future features including the camera, gaming, smart personal assistant and advanced security-like quilt. With the new Qualcomm® Hexagon ™ 685 DSP, CPU and GPU, the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is faster, stronger and smarter than ever before.

OPPO Find X is equipped with the built-in Google Assistant function and the low-power Smart MIC function with the DSP module. This means that "OPPO Find X" can not only intelligently determine the size of ambient sounds, but can also automatically adjust performance to ensure a high success rate. Now, Google Assist can stay available at any time during activation throughout the day.

OPPO Find X will be available on the Egyptian market from September 10th. For the price, the standard version is RAM + 256G ROM and the "VOOC flash charge" for fast shipping LE 16990.


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