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Five of the rarest inventions presented at CES 2019 – The New Dia.com

Technological progress continues to surprise everyone, and that is during the CES 2019, which takes place in Las Vegas, has not only presented high-level designs, but there were also items that attracted a lot of attention.

1.- Hupnos

For those people who have problems with their snoring, this mask called Hupnos is designed to make life easier for them and even save their marriage. This device causes vibrations that are triggered when the user begins to snore, thereby warning him to change his position or posture while sleeping.

2.- Diapers with sensor

Taking care of a baby is not easy, especially when it comes to keeping an eye on hygiene. So the South Korean company Monit created a diaper with a sensor that works via Bluetooth and is located in the back of the diaper to detect whether it is time to change it.

3.- Sensor to control incontinence

This device called DFree is an adult diaper with a sensor that can alert the user through his phone when the bladder changes size, avoiding those painful accidents.

4.- Toilet with integrated Alexa

His name is Kohler Numi 2.0 and is a toilet connected to Alexa, the intelligent virtual assistant of Amazon. It helps to make the use of water more efficient, in addition to lighting to see at night and, why not, it also changes color.

5.- Feed your puppy via remote control

Petcube, an American company that specializes in manufacturing devices for animals, has designed two consoles called Bites 2 and Play 2, which have cameras that work to control, entertain and feed the cat or dog of the user while their master away from home


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