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Faridabad students win the Microsoft Competition in Asia; proceed to the American finals for $ 100,000 in prize money

SYDNEY: It was a good time for the Indian tricolor to fly high while the team of students of Manav Rachna Institute of Research and Studies, based in Faridabad, won the regional semifinals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup in Asia, moving a step forward to win the $ 100,000 first prize at the world championship in the United States.

The three-member team developed "Caeli" (which means air in Latin) – an automated intelligent anti-pollution and drug delivery mask specifically designed for asthmatic and chronic respiratory patients.

"Caeli" implements innovative features to improve the quality of life of patients with respiratory diseases living in polluted areas such as northern India and in particular in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR).

"At a time when air pollution is a major concern in several countries, including India, we are collecting data on real-time air pollution that can be used by stakeholders and the government Indian and can integrate our APIs (application program interface) into their projects and get further insights, "said Aakash Bhadana of the" Caeli "team at IANS.

Bhadana with Vasu Kaushik and Bharat Sundal developed the product under the guidance of Umesh Dutta and the team at the Center for Innovation and Incubation of Research by Manav Rachna (MRIIC).

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"Our goal is now to work with the right stakeholders and bring" made in India "products (which also includes a pocket sprayer) to the market," said Bhadana.

The Manav Rachna team received $ 15,000 as a winner and secured a place in the world championship, to be able to win the $ 100,000 first prize at Microsoft's office in Redmond in May, while the runner-up received $ 5,000 and the second classified $ 1,000.

The first classified was the "Rail Nova China" team that created a robot for inspection of railway components that operates through automatic positioning and identifies various defects through the multi-sensor merger to achieve the replacement of workers in a railway inspection project .

The second classified was "USCAid" of the Philippines who created the Aqua Check app that uses the Microsoft Azure Custom Vision to allow anyone to analyze the contamination by taking a picture of a sample of water through a microscope .

There were three Indian teams among the 12 finalists of Asia. The other two teams were from the Vellore Institute of Technology in Tamil Nadu and the R.V of Bengaluru. University of Engineering.

The team at the Vellore Institute of Technology has designed "Spot" that allows you to recognize packaged foods and check if it contains a certain ingredient or has a certain character.

R.V. College of Engineering has designed "RVSAFE", a one-stop solution to effectively manage any type of disaster whether natural or created by humans.

Considered the "Olympics of Technology", Imagine Cup is a global annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft.

Over the past 10 years, more than 1.65 million students from over 190 countries have participated in the "Imagine Cup"


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