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Falcon Age takes flight on PlayStation VR, released the launch trailer – VRFocus

If you own a PlayStation VR and want to fly through the skies, the 2016 Ubisoft title Eagle Flight is the best solution. However, if you love all the feathered things but prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, take a look at Outerloop Games & # 39; Falcon Age who arrived today

Falcon Age

While Falcon Age It is playable on the PlayStation 4 via a normal TV, the experience has been specially designed for PlayStation VR earphones. A single-player adventure, the story is a futuristic story set on a planet of dying colonies. The robot invaders have completely decimated all the resources that were once abundant, in turn creating a desert in their wake.

Sounds like Ara, who was thrown in jail for a minor infraction. Sitting in her cell watching the hours pass, she makes friends with a young falcon. Being able to escape, Ara and the hawk must therefore work together to help the resistance to claim their freedom, while at the same time claiming its cultural heritage by learning the lost art of falconry.

As the new launch trailer shows, you and your hawk are inseparable. From playing with his claws to gestures with his hands to carry bombs to weak places and collect robots so they can destroy their circuits, Falcon Age is very much the movie friend of the VR world.

Falcon Age

Worn with light humor, you will have to name, caress, feed, teach and dress your hawk with hats, scarves to tie with it, before wandering around the land hunting for materials. These can then be used to nourish, heal and strengthen your falcon. On a note of more serious gameplay, the hawk can be equipped with useful objects such as sonar and armor.

Falcon Age is available on PlayStation Store now for $ 19.99 USD / £ 15.99 GBP. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Outerloop Games e Falcon Age, reporting with further updates.


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