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Facebook is in agreement that it will be responsible for Cambrige's future analysis

Facebook has agreed to a series of important changes to the terms of service following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Facebook has agreed to a series of important changes to the terms of service following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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Some big changes are coming to Facebook's terms of service in the scandal fallout.

The European Commission this week that the world's largest social networking site has accepted some important changes to its terms and conditions. Facebook that these changes would come into effect for users around the world and not only in the EU.

Most of these changes to Facebook terms stem directly from the problems that emerged during the period in which a third-party company inappropriately extrapolated Facebook user data.

One of the biggest changes is a turning point for the social media platform. Facebook will change its terms on the "limitation of liability" when it comes to future Cambridge Analytics issues. The company "recognizes its responsibility in the event of negligence, for example in the event that the data have been abused by third parties." Previously, Facebook's position was that it was not responsible for third parties who misused their platform.

Another important change is that Facebook will update the terms to explicitly say "that it does not charge users for its services in exchange for users' consent to share their data and be exposed to commercial ads". While Facebook already reveals to its users why they are seeing advertisements, the company has accepted now "explains clearly that their business model is based on selling advertising services targeted at traders using their users' profile data. " Basically, it will be clear as a day for users that the site is free because they are the product.

Facebook has also agreed to update its data retention policies. When a Facebook user deletes their own content, Facebook stores the removed content for no more than 90 additional days for "technical reasons" or if the strength of the order makes a request.

In addition, Facebook "has changed its power to unilaterally change terms and conditions by limiting it to cases where changes are reasonable, also taking into account the consumer's interest" and "changing the language that clarifies the users' right to appeal when their content has been removed. "

"Today Facebook finally demonstrates the commitment to greater transparency and direct language in terms of use," said Vera Jourová, EU commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality. "A company that wants to restore consumer confidence after the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal doesn't hide behind a complicated legalistic jargon about how it's doing billions on people's data."

"Now users will clearly understand that their data is used by the social network to sell targeted ads," he said.

The European Commission expects Facebook to apply these changes by June and "will closely monitor the implementation." The Commission also contacted other social networks, such as Twitter, looking for similar terms of service updates.

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