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Facebook, Instagram and Messenger stop working on these phones to find out if your phone is on the list

If you are one of those users that you usually spend hours on Facebook, the Instagram or messenger, this size may Mark Zuckeberg, The director of the company influences your connectivity on your mobile phone.

By MiamiDiario Editorial

a spokesman from the company that manages these networks he confirmed to Endgaget that of next April 30 these applications, including Messenger and Instagram, they will not be available in That mobile phones who work with Windows Phone

the notification has reached them users of the operating system from microsoft last weekend, when they were informed the first application would be in stop with support Instagram on the above date.

According to Engadget, who maintain their mobile devices with Windows Phone and wants to continue entering the platforms of Facebook, Instagram and messenger they must resort to browsers.

So far there is no information about or WhatsApp, whatever is of it Facebook, Stop support on that platform. The messaging service would continue to work on Windows Phone until further notice.

Among the list of telephones affected by the measure are; LG Optimus 7, Samsung Focus, Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung ATIV S, Huawei Ascend W1, Microsoft Lumia 640 and Microsoft Lumia 640 XL to mention a number of phones that Windows Phone and that would be part of the list, still unofficially, of those who would be left without support.

The operating system of microsoft It was a failure for the company that has announced that le would end in 2016, after a poor performance in sales; security and software updates will be completed in December this year.

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