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Facebook adds the Tributes tab to stored accounts

There is no way to escape Facebook, not even in the beyond.

This week's social network has introduced a new "tribute" section for stored accounts.

In an attempt to preserve and decline the original timeline of the deceased, Facebook has added a separate tab on the stored profiles, where friends and family can share posts.

"Each month over 30 million people view commemorative profiles to publish stories, commemorate milestones and remember those who died," according to executive director Sheryl Sandberg.

"This allows people to see the types of posts that are most useful to them as they grieve and remember their loved ones," he added.

The new tribute section creates a separate tab on the profiles stored where friends and family can share posts (via Facebook)

Facebook has long been struggling with post mortem accounts.

In 2009, he began allowing people to turn the profiles of deceased users into memorial pages, later revealing the option of choosing a "legacy contact" before death.

Whether it's a family member or a friend, your previous contact will be able to post announcements and messages on the stored timeline, respond to new friend requests and update your profile picture and cover photo.

If you are really confident, you can give permission for them to download an archive of photos, updates and profile information shared through your account.

Choose wisely, because legacy contacts can now moderate shared posts in the new tribute section by changing the encoding settings, removing tags and modifying who can post and view posts.

"This helps them manage content that might be difficult for friends and family to see if they're not ready," Sandberg said.

And while minors are still unable to select legacy contacts, Facebook has recently adjusted its policy to allow parents who have lost children under 18 to request to become their legacy contact.

"In addition to creating support tools, we also hope to minimize the experiences that could be painful," said the company blog.

Everyone grieves differently, and for some, memorizing a profile may seem like a big step that they are not yet ready to take. But seeing a birthday reminder or an invitation to someone who died just a few weeks ago can be an agonizing trigger.

Thus, Facebook uses artificial intelligence to prevent unmarked accounts from appearing in places that could cause distress. Once the profile has been correctly modified, the AI ​​is deactivated.

"We will continue to develop these changes as we hear more feedback," Sandberg wrote. "We hope that Facebook will remain a place where the memory and spirit of our loved ones can be celebrated and lived".

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