Facebook has bought an AI furniture shopping call called GrokStyle, while the social network continues to expand its technology with more attention to artificial intelligence.

The company based in San Francisco, founded in 2015, develops a technology that allows consumers to take a picture of furniture and uses artificial intelligence to identify similar products available online.

Ikea is one of the well-known customers of GrokStyle, who integrated the function into their AR app.

"We are thrilled to welcome GrokStyle on Facebook," a Facebook spokesperson said. "Their team and their technology will contribute to our abilities of artificial intelligence."

In a post on his website, GrokStyle said it was an "exciting journey" for the startup and that "they did not see the time to see what awaits us".

"Our team and our technology will continue to live and we will continue to use our artificial intelligence to create fantastic visual search experiences for retail", reads the website. "As part of this next chapter, we are reducing our business".

According to the start-up LinkedIn page, between two and 10 people work at GrokStyle. Facebook has acquired a number of startups specialized in the AI ​​sector over the years. In 2018, he acquired Bloomsbury AI based in London, which builds tools to deal with false news.