Epic Games customers spent $ 251 million on third-party games last year

Epic Games is celebrating the growth of its PC game store by sharing a series of informative facts about its performance. In particular, the company revealed that players spent $ 680 million on the platform since its launch. That is a good sign for the Steam competitor, but it is worth noting that most of that cash went directly to Epic. Of that $ 680 million, Epic Games Store customers spent $ 251 million on third-party games. That means that $ 429 million went to epic games, and that means mainly Fortnite.

But that ratio of 1.7 to 1 in terms of revenue for Fortnite versus non-epic games is not really a problem. Fortnite attracts a large audience that is willing to spend money and could be extended to other games. Valve Software, the company that owns and operates Steam, probably sees something similar where its games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive represent a disproportionate proportion of its customers’ spending.

As for Epic, this shows that PC players showed up to spend money on their platform despite complaints from some staunch Steam fans. Still, it’s hard to know if $ 251 million is a strong number divided between Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, Division 2, Control, Outer Worlds, Untitled Goose Game, Dautless, Satisfactory, World War Z and more.

Of course, that $ 251 million only represents what customers spent. It does not fully reflect what the developers earned. Nor does it reflect the total value of the games that customers received from Epic Games Store. Epic Games paid many studios to keep their games out of Steam, and that is guaranteed money that has nothing to do with sales. On top of that, Epic distributed a total of 73 free games throughout the year. And PC game fans claimed more than 200 million copies of those free games.

Epic games store in 2020

Looking to the future, Epic Games announced that it will continue making deals to keep developers out of Steam. It will also continue to offer free games.

“New decade means new games,” reads an Epic Games blog post. “And we are seeing a great start with tons of amazing titles that will come exclusively to the Epic Games Store in 2020. To begin with, we are expanding our weekly free games program throughout 2020. Every week, come back to claim your game. Once claimed, it is yours forever!

Finally, Epic Games is looking to continue supporting the developers it works with. It will maintain its favorable revenue division that allows studios to maintain 88% of each game sale. It will also expand the payment systems that these teams can use in their games. And he’s working to make multiplatform multiplayer even easier by giving his tools to other developers.

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