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The American software company Microsoft has acknowledged that conversations between users of the Skype Chat program and the Cortana language assistant can be heard by employees. This serves to improve offers based on speech recognition – such as search, voice commands, translations or dictation, the group said. The Skype terms of use state that Skype is calling
Quality goals would be analyzed. However, it is not explicitly stated that this task is partially performed by human employees
has been taken over.

Microsoft writes in a statement, everything is transparent and you get the permission of the users.
Moreover, the company respects privacy only through the data
that the users could not be recognized.
Moreover, the external staff would also be responsible for compliance
Privacy provisions required.

Previously had the news website VICE reports that employees have heard conversations by users of Microsoft services, even about personal issues such as relationships and weight loss. The American portal motherboard must be documents, screenshots and audio files, the
show that with Skype human employees
Analyze cutout clippings.

In recent weeks, internet companies Google, Apple and Amazon have made headlines because data from language assistants are being evaluated. The procedure is intended to improve the software, but leads to enormous privacy issues.