Embark Dog DNA test review: this is how it works and what you will learn

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  • Embark is a dog’s DNA test ($ 199) that determines your dog’s breed and verifies more than 175 health conditions and genetic traits, among other fun facts.
  • Staff veterinarians and customer service representatives are also available to answer questions from pet owners.
  • We use the test to learn more about our rescue dog, Nellie. You can read more about our experience below.

Even if you picked up your puppy from the kennel without information, and have been guessing or inventing breeds to satisfy the curiosity of strangers since then, there is a way to know the precise origins of your best furry friend.

A new startup, Embark, makes the most accurate dog DNA test in the world. The test uses 200,000 genetic markers and 100 times more genetic information than its competitors. It checks more than 250 different types of races and more than 175 genetic health conditions, and has partnered with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (the leading veterinary school in the country) and a pioneer in consumer genetics, Spencer Wells, to combine the cut. cutting edge science and pet care. They are the people who are delighted to tell you that they recently discovered why some dogs have blue eyes.

Knowing your dog’s genetic history is excellent for the superficial interest of curiosity and talk about the dog park, but it can also help you navigate potential health risks, avoid medications that may also be sensitive and even help you Decide how big your home is’ we will need in the future.

Request the test online, activate it, rub your dog’s cheek and mail the sample to the Embark laboratory in a prepaid return envelope. In two or four weeks, you will receive the results. If you are not sure how to rub your dog’s cheek correctly, there are tutorial videos on the site.

I tested the DNA test of the Embark dog on our rescue dog, Nellie, to see how it worked in real life. If you continue to scroll to the end of this article, you can see the exact steps we follow in greater detail. But what I liked the most was how digestible the information was for non-scientists, and how many resources were provided if you wanted to do more research. I also loved how obviously passionate about dogs seemed to be the Embark team.

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On the site, you can participate as little or as much as you want. It was as succinct as “she is primarily a German shepherd” and “is free from all the health risks we verify” and as granular as links to learn how the process is conducted and breakdowns of what each genetic condition is and what races are commonly found in. There are even linked quotes in some sections where reference was made to the research.

The Embark dog’s DNA test is not cheap at $ 199, but it is information that could improve or extend your dog’s life, and for most owners, that is not a bad price to pay.

All in all, it is a great tool, and something that most dog owners will probably be happy to learn. Pets are loving, careless and warm-bodied beings who occasionally care more for you than for themselves. Discovering a little more about how to responsibly return that love and care is a new and exciting opportunity.

If you have several dogs and get tests for them, you can “add a dog” to your “my dogs” section in your account to keep your family in one place. However, if you are going to try several, you should buy them in a package to save money. Use the code “MULTIPACK2” for 10% discount in two; “MULTIPACK3” for 15% discount on three; Y “MULTIPACK4” for 20% discount on four or more kits.

Keep reading to see our experience and the results of our dog below.

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