Elon Musk remains the property of the Twitter account of the Treasury of the Palestinian Authority

Elon Musk has a new high profile Twitter enemy, and for some strange reason, it turns out to be the official account of the Pennsylvania State Treasury.

The certified CEO of Extremely Online has had his participation on Twitter in recent years. From calling someone a “fart boy” to possibly cheating a fart of unicorn art, Musk has typically been the instigator in online affairs in the past. No longer.

The verified @PATreasury account began to fall insults with musk flavor last august, but the dunks campaign really started on Monday.

“‘What if we took something like a subway, but we made it unfathomably expensive and only for cars, and we also made sure it never works?’ – Elon Musk, a genius ” wrote the treasure.

That message was quickly followed by another tweet unfavorably comparing Musk with Mark Zuckerberg. Curse, That’s hard.

“A big difference with Zuckerberg and Elon Musk is that the Treasury has worked hard for years to make gradual progress in making Zuck not serve as CEO and Chairman of the Board at the same time; and Elon Musk literally made such a bad tweet that He was forced to resign as president, “said Tuesday’s tweet.

In case you’re curious, the verified account that Musk owns several times is really a Pennsylvania Treasury account. A July article in the Pittsburgh City Paper confirms that yes, all this is legitimate.

“We decided to create the account and get a little weird, but I hope not too much,” one of the people behind the account told the newspaper.

We contacted the Treasury by email in an attempt to find out what exactly is happening here, but unfortunately we received no response at the time of publication. However, we received news from the @PATreasury account in the direct Twitter message.

“It’s not something specific about Musk,” he read the answer in part. “The real conversation is about investing in public infrastructure versus a private company that tries to do these things, inequality of wealth and income, corporate power, etc. But Musk clearly makes people think about these things.”

Essentially, it is trolling to stimulate public discourse.

“We are trying to involve our AP members in a conversation about the issues that interest them,” the response continued, “so, however, we can make that work is good for us.”

Of course, why not?

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And maybe, Just maybe, will have the additional benefit of attracting the CEO to another public dispute on Twitter. Because you definitely need one of those.


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