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EA Access may be on the way to PlayStation 4

EA's access may soon arrive on PlayStation 4, according to a screenshot of the Brazilian PlayStation store. If rumor is true, Sony PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus will be joined by a third subscription service.

EA Access is a paid subscription service that allows users to download and play with certain EA titles for the price of $ 4.99 / £ 3.99 / € 3.99 / month or $ 29.99 / £ 19.99 / € 24.99 if you decide to get the annual subscription.

The list of games included in the service includes almost all of EA's sports titles: NBA Live, NHL, Madden, UFC and FIFA. Other great titles of different genres are up for grabs, with characters like Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront II, Need for Speed ​​Payback, Titanfall 2 and many others.

In 2014, when the service was first launched on Xbox One, a Sony representative stated that PlayStation is not interested in what EA Access has to offer, describing the service as low for its subscription price. The same source issued a statement a Game Informer, saying "We evaluated the offer of EA Access subscription and decided that it did not carry the kind of value that PlayStation customers expected."

Brought its PC service in 2016, called Origin Access, EA was recently cited saying they are planning to offer a subscription service on another big platform.

With Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 they are the only two "main platforms" without EA Access at the moment, a recent one to send on Reddit leads us to believe that it is really Sony that may have changed its mind about the addition of EA's enticing service.

That is to say, a Reddit user named Sabazin uploaded a screenshot of the Brazilian PlayStation Store showing the EA login icon above a text that reads "Now available" in Portuguese.

The user continued to explain in the comments section of his post that the screenshot was not taken by him, and that he received it only in a local chat group on PS4, so he could not confirm that the photo is actually legitimate, nor could give further details on where you press the EA icon. Being only a voice so far, we suggest taking it with a grain of salt, as usual.

RedditScreenshot of the Brazilian PSN store with an EA Access card.The screenshot looks pretty convincing.

However, taking into consideration EA's previous statements on the expansion of their service on another great platform and the alleged screenshot, it seems that things are aiming for that Sony is finally reaching an agreement with EA and allowing to add the service to its flagship console.

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