Don't become a victim of this new Facebook / Digital Information World hoax


Facebook started as one of the most popular social networks and still is, but in recent years, Facebook has become more of a platform full of false rumors and misinformation. On several occasions, Facebook has been accused of spreading false news. In recent years, Facebook has had to face several investigations due to its privacy violations and other scams.

Although the social media giant is experimenting with new policies, hiring new employees and introducing new tools to prevent the spread of any misinformation, but it is still one of the largest platforms with widespread disinformation.

Facebook is doing its best to curb any misinformation or false news on the platform but, however, there are so many private groups working on strategies to defraud Facebook users.

Now let's talk about the new scam that is happening on Facebook these days and you have to stop it before becoming another victim. If you are a Facebook user, you have no doubt seen this scam. Perhaps unintentionally you come across this scam message but scroll down without reading it or sometimes reading it. Whether your close friend published it or that your mom or your father published it too. You may also have published it thinking it could be real and help protect your privacy.

Now there is a message (quite similar to Instagram) roaming on Facebook as a notification to the Facebook team not to use any user's personal information. According to that message, Facebook can access your photos and personal information and can be used against you in the classroom. I mean, can you believe it? Who would go to the classroom just because his photo contains something illegal for others? And who would really complain about this? Haha, probably none.

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Let me tell you it's not real. It's a scam and Facebookers shouldn't believe any word of that post. We do some checks on that message to understand why we can't trust them.

  • First of all there is a choice so poor in words and you can see how the wrong capital letters are used. Think about it, do you think that if Facebook wants its users to post this message, you don't think it would be written in a more professional way than with grammar and typos?
  • Secondly, how can you believe that one day you are using social media and on the second day you are in court because you used this platform? & # 39; Be a real man & # 39;
  • When you register and log in on Facebook, you accept certain legal terms including privacy policies and you can easily change your privacy settings whenever you want. So you grant Facebook access to the content you approve only if otherwise Facebook can't use any of your content against you without violating its privacy terms.
  • Publishing content on your wall cannot help you protect your privacy terms, can it? No! Your terms with Facebook depend on the guidelines you are in agreement with, so posting any notice on your wall on Facebook cannot help you protect your privacy.


Stop posting this message on your Facebook account. If you want to change your privacy go to your account settings and change it. Don't post content on your wall that you don't want to share. If you are still not sure if you trust Facebook, you can simply cancel your account and live a safer life. So publishing this content doesn't help you think about it at all.

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