Do you really miss removable batteries?

The Internet loves this new Samsung phone with removable battery, I think just for that, a removable battery. I am sure the rest of the phone is fine, even if it is designed only for Amazon stores. But that battery is something he seems to pay attention to.

Here is my question: do you really miss removable batteries?

I can say that I miss the convenience of a battery running out and quickly changing a half day without needing to find a charger. But that is all. Apart from that one movement, I don’t miss the removable batteries for a second.

Without them, we now have better water resistance (no stupid fins), better designs that don’t need to work with removable parts and a fast charge that is just getting faster. Today I can charge a phone at 50% or more in a matter of minutes, so the need to change because my phone used to charge like a snail is no longer a problem. Also, changing a battery meant having to restart your phone, which is never good, and remember to keep a secondary battery charged.

While reddit is going crazy over removable batteries, I really want to know if they really miss them. You don’t do it, right?

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