Home tech Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Apex Legends on PlayStation 4?

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Apex Legends on PlayStation 4?

Best answer: No, you do not need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play Apex Legends on PlayStation 4. Since it is a free-to-play game, you can play regardless of whether you have a premium online subscription or not. The same is true for Fortnite.

Why does my friend on Xbox need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play then?

Microsoft and Sony manage their services somewhat differently from one another. Unless a free weekend is hosted, all online multiplayer games on Xbox require an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play them, no matter if they are free games or not. On the contrary, Sony usually allows players to access online multiplayer in free games without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Does having PS Plus give me benefits in Apex Legends?

Members of PlayStation Plus do not get in-game benefits that could affect a game in their favor, but can download an exclusive PS Plus Play Pack that contains several cosmetic items:

  • 2 exclusive PlayStation themed cams for Flatline and RE45
  • 1 exclusive camo character for Gibraltar and Bloodhound
  • 1 banner each for Gibraltar and Bloodhound.

At this point there are no special offers that allow members of PS Plus to purchase packages of Apex coins at a discounted price. This could change in the future if they were ever to go on sale. PS Plus members usually get an additional 10% more than any sale price for everyone else each time the store has discounted additional content.

Is it worth collecting a PS Plus subscription?

As for Apex Legends in particular, it is not worth taking a subscription to PlayStation Plus. I still recommend getting a subscription because PlayStation Plus offers a lot of benefits for its members.

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