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Important changes are taking place for the digital marketing industry. The prevailing trends and influences in 2019 will continue to affect sellers in 2020 and beyond, leaving many with questions.

Will the control of the duopoly finally begin to diminish?

No. Despite the growing frustration and distrust of consumers and sellers, the latter will not move away from the most important players in the digital advertising space.

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What will consumers’ demands for privacy and data control mean for vendors in 2019 and beyond?

Marketing specialists will have to prepare for impending regulation and greater privacy concerns, whether they like it or not. This will mean examining their data collection practices and making sure they meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

Will the launch of app-ads.txt occur in 2019?

It will, but the adoption of the ads.txt version of the application, a text file on publisher sites that lists suppliers with permission to sell inventory, will not flow to all corners, nor will it solve all problems. of advertising fraud that currently plagues mobile application advertising.

Is the identity graph in trouble?

Somehow, yes. Apple ITP 2.2, the continuous avoidance of advertisements, increases in falsified audience data sets and the California Consumer Privacy Act is pulling the strings of this fragile web.

Will it be harder for advertisers to move dollars from television to digital?

In fact, it will be easier, thanks to mergers and acquisitions over the past year and the growing efforts of large networks and broadcasters to resolve measurement inconsistencies between TV and digital. However, do not expect the frequency limitation problems to disappear soon.

These are just some of the questions, answers and ideas you will get from Digital display advertising 2019: Nine trends to know for this year’s media plan.

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