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Cosmic Horror Conarium Out Today for Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Developer Zoetrope Interactive and publisher Iceberg Interactive They are excited to announce that the Lovecraftian horror game Conarium It's available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. The highly anticipated horror game has been enhanced for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and brings the dismal and haunting atmosphere of Lovecraft into the cold comfort of your living room. Players can purchase the game in Sony and Microsoft stores for a sale price of $ 29.99

Prepare for a thrilling horror adventure involving four scientists and their attempt to challenge what we normally consider to be the "absolute" limits of nature. Inspired by H.P. The 1935 Lovecraft novel "At the Mountains of Madness", but largely set in the following period, Conarium you will explore an Antarctic base, in addition to dreams and visions. Investigate the clues, unlock secrets but avoid the macabre beings at all costs or get ready to lose your mind.

Zoetrope Interactive He says:

"Bring Conarium consular was a more demanding process than anyone expected of us. However, we are very grateful to our family, our friends and fans and for how much they have been supportive during this trip. It is thanks to them that we are delivering Conarium today and we sincerely hope that people enjoy the game! "

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder He says:

"We are extremely proud of all team members for what they have achieved Conarium. Technically it is our most complete console version to date, and we hope that horror fans from all over the world will enjoy the experience. "


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