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Clippy was resurrected for a short second before Microsoft killed him again

Clippy was one of the assistants introduced by Microsoft Office in 1997 to help users with basic tasks that some found annoying and offered useful advice. In Office XP, it was disabled by default and after irritating people's workflow with their interruptions to offer help, Microsoft removed Clippy with Office 2007 in a fun press release.

Recently Microsoft has reintroduced it (although not by default) to its 2-year work platform now included with Microsoft Office 365, Teams. Clippy was shown in various situations, for example holding a cup of coffee in front of his face and "Happy Hour".

Well, his appearance didn't impress anyone. He was promptly turned off once again: Microsoft's trademark police didn't like it and immediately ordered it to be vaporized. Even the Gitbub Clippy page had disappeared.

Clippy fans now have an online petition in the hope that they will get enough signatures and Microsoft will bring them back.

Microsoft Teams is becoming a popular tool and is now used by more than 500,000 organizations worldwide with 91 of the Fortune 100 already on board and serves as an alternative to Slack which has 10 million active users per day and 85,000 paying customers.

Microsoft Teams is getting one of its most requested features: private channels by the end of the year, among other updates like new conferencing features, custom backgrounds, live subtitles, live events and this awesome feature of the blackboard for remote workers:

A year ago, Microsoft had entered the assistant as an Easter egg for Cortana and it seems to have come back.

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