Canada’s first 5G network begins to be implemented in four cities

In particular, Rogers is initially using mid-band wireless frequencies such as Sprint instead of the fast but delicate millimeter wave seen with Verizon (the parent company of Engadget) or the low-range but modest low-band 5G of T-Mobile . It will start with 2.5GHz airwaves, but will move to 600MHz low band later in 2020. Eventually, the Canadian provider will use 3.5GHz access and also share technology that allows the use of LTE frequencies for 5G. This deployment will not be as fast as the fastest US 5G networks. However, it should offer decent coverage and at the same time produce a significant speed advantage over LTE.

There is still a long way to go. The main rivals of Rogers, Bell, Telus and Freedom Mobile have not deployed their 5G. It is also unclear how Americans who visit Canada will wander with 5G. Even so, it is a beginning, and it is a good omen for the maturity of 5G as a whole, regardless of where you live.

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