C8 Corvette “Blue Devil” shows partial rear bumper Remove


Since deliveries of the Chevrolet Corvette 2020 will not begin until next month, it is obvious that the image before us is a representation. Even so, this pixel trick can be considered a sample of what will come, since many ‘Vette owners with central motor are expected to take their beasts along the customization path.

Sure, the C8 is a big step forward in terms of performance, but this is just one more reason for those who enjoy the attention to modify the Chevrolet halo car. In fact, social networks have even shown us that there is a master plan for that. This scheme is about very well rounded numbers, since it involves a 1,000 HP C8 that can be obtained for $ 100,000.

The idea is to take the GM slab starting at $ 60,000 and insert a pair of turbos into the engine compartment. And this is where the final part of the previous title comes into play.

You see, more and more owners of supercars who give away their machines with TT configurations eliminate the rear skirt, so the reinforcement hardware can be easily noticed: the Lamborghini Gallardo modulation community in the United States deserves the greatest credit for making this a trend.

And although the Chevrolet Corvette 2020 showing these pixels shows no signs of a double turbo treatment, the bottom of its rear skirt follows the minimalist trend, which allows us to take a look at the hardware behind it. Speaking of which, the rear silencers seen here look more like they came from a JDM tuner: we should thank digital artist Karan Adivi for this piece.

The rest of the supercar is even more spicy, since this C8 has been equipped with a wide-body kit. At least judging from what we can see from this angle, the “floating” design of the front wings is the one that attracts the most attention.

Of course, the redefined road connection also helps with that effect. And I mean the oversized wheels and the super limited ground clearance, and the latter is probably the result of an aerial configuration, which is another trend of the aftermarket.



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