Breaking iPhone encryption will not make anyone more secure

Imagine that all your tax documentation could be examined by officials of any government simply on suspicion. That is the future that some governments are pressing when they demand that Apple put security backdoors on their products.

Do not make anyone safe

Think about the nature of the rear security doors:

  • They represent deliberate security flaws in operating systems and devices at the central level, designed to break the encryption on these devices.
  • These failures may require some form of “password” to access.
  • Once you have a vulnerability, it’s only a matter of time before people discover where you are: hackers are smart.
  • Once you build the lock, it’s only a matter of time until someone manages to lift it. Does anyone else remember the Enigma Code?

“But the keys will remain with secure government agencies,” some say.

And that?

It only takes a disgruntled government employee, a spy deeply inserted in the government or a technology company, or a sophisticated criminal attack to successfully extract that key.

Locks are easily collected

After that, it is only a matter of time before such keys end up in the hands of the security agencies of all governments, including those that cannot be trusted. As these keys are deliberately designed, the operating system provider will not be in a position to patch them.

Those keys will not only reach other governments; They will also reach the hands of several criminal entities that will see a great opportunity for theft, profits and blackmail that comes with access to the digital life of each smartphone owner.

Things drip.

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