Become a Microsoft Office Pro required with this 120-hour package


If you have worked in an office at any time in the last thirty years, you have most likely been delighted with Microsoft Office, that suite of indispensable programs that is at the center of both small startups and Fortune 500 conglomerates.

But you're likely to have just scratched the surface of what these incredibly powerful programs can do, and if you want to be competitive in the field you need to have more than just the basics.

The Mega Microsoft Office 2019 course package will transform you from a Microsoft Office beginner into a true professional and is currently available at a 90% discount for just $ 39.

With 120 hours of in-depth instructions from industry professionals, these instructions will help you overcome the competition when it comes time to start or continue your dream career.

You will learn how to navigate the basic and advanced elements of Excel, create presentations that change the game using PowerPoint, discover tricks that will help you master Outlook, automate an infinite number of Word activities that will help you reduce your work time and much more yet.

There are even instructions that guide Microsoft VBA, a powerful automation platform that can be used with Excel.

Become a Microsoft Office professional required with the Mega Microsoft Office 2019 course package for only $ 39-90% off its regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

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