Apple TV Plus | Jason Momoa series is equal to the "Game of Thrones" budget of HBO


The world of streaming will be the standard of the new decade and not just of consumption. A recent Wall Street Journal report notes that Apple is investing up to $ 15 million per episode in his new series "See" starring Jason Momoa and that comes exclusively for Apple TV Plus, the new video on demand application from the Apple brand.

See is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which all humanity is blind. The company briefly showed it in a trailer during the announcement of Apple TV Plus.

The next Disney series, The Mandalorian, was expected to cost around $ 10 million per episode, but the WSJ report notes that he did that too costs seen nearly $ 15 million per delivery.

This year, Apple worked with Disney Plus on independent series with a staff of recognized people who want to offer high-quality content and under the subscription model. Currently it is system Apple TV has democratized other brands such as Samsung, Sony, Vizio and LG TVs. However, every video on that system has rental or selling costs.