Home tech Apple TV advertising hits Facebook and Google on privacy policies

Apple TV advertising hits Facebook and Google on privacy policies

Apple is making another blow to its technology giant colleagues for their privacy policies, this time in a new advertising spot that urges Apple's attention to protecting user privacy. Without mentioning Google, Amazon and Facebook, the TV ad recalls what many believe to be their relaxed privacy positions.

"If privacy matters in your life, it should interest your life over the phone", says the announcement, jumping between a few dozen images of people who want privacy, including slamming doors, silent conversations, closed windows, locks closed, and a visitor to the men's room nervously looking for the most private urinal.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has promoted its efforts to protect user privacy on its devices. Unlike Facebook, Google and, increasingly, Amazon, Apple does not rely much on advertising revenues, gaining instead from the sale of devices and service subscriptions.

Sometimes, Apple has done everything to protect user privacy. The company, for example, has built most of its A.I. technology on the same Apple devices, rather than storing personal data in the cloud, as most technology giants do. This decision has led some to claim that Apple is late on Google and Facebook in the race to develop A.I. products.

But Apple had its privacy, including a security flaw in its FaceTime app (which the company set last month) that potentially allowed people to listen to users' conversations. So far, however, the company has escaped the weight of the criticisms that Facebook in particular received for how it managed and protected the personal data of its users. Facebook has attempted to reorganize its products to focus more on privacy.

Cook has repeatedly criticized the privacy policies of his technological rivals. Last June, he scolded them for not using humans to filter out false news. A few months later, Cook called the "data-industrial complex" which has "armed" personal data. And in January, he wrote a piece in Time asking for a federal privacy law. "It's time to defend the right to privacy, yours, mine and all ours," wrote Cook.

The 45-second commercial was broadcast on American television on Thursday, even during the broadcasts of the prestigious basketball tournament of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in March.


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