Home tech Apple could give their series free to iPhone and iPad users

Apple could give their series free to iPhone and iPad users

Apple has so far reached a brand value of 300,000 600 million dollars in 2018, according to Kantar Millward Brown.

The production of streaming content has motivated companies such as Amazon and Apple to develop successful models or to look for perfection.

The technology market has diversified into a range of areas and products that have succeeded in making innovation an extremely powerful economic trigger.

Tesla, for example, is a car brand that has succeeded in appearing between the brands of this industry with the innovation of offering electric cars & autonomous driving.

Apple is one of the companies that has been able to influence the consumer's attention to the design and functionality of the objects we already know and those other companies for the company since it began marketing their computers. that Tim Cook manages, to market as it happened with the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook and soon the car that is expected to launch the company.

All these devices are connected as part of the brand ecosystem that Apple has built to motivate the company's fans to acquire each of them, due to the need to let Ear Pods listen to the Apple Podcast, for example.

The bet with which Apple tries to promote its new segment of streaming content, such as Amazon Prime does with its service that includes free shipping, exclusive products and series / movies included in the subscription, are aspects that tell us about the power that the user and the potential that technology brands find when they manage to connect with it.


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