AOC will explain why she blocks people on Twitter in federal court


Fiery freshman Alexandria Rep. Ocasio-Cortez will take the stand in the Brooklyn federal court next month

The Bronx-born congresswoman will testify at Nov. 5 part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind – who claims the Democratic darling wrongfully blocked him on Twitter because of his "criticism" of her.

Attorneys for the freshman lawmaker confirmed she would appear at the 11 a.m. hearing but declined to comment.

Hikind, a prominent Jewish leader, sued Ocasio-Cortez in July, claiming the Democrat violated his First Amendment rights after he criticized her on Twitter.

"I'm very excited," Hikind told The Post on Thursday. "Five million people follow her and she blocks Dov Hikind. What in God's name was she concerned about? "

At a town hall in August, AOC insisted she had blocked less than 20 people "for harassment, not for political views."

"While people have right to say whatever they want, they don't have the right to force me to hear it," she said.

"Free speech is not an endorsement of someone to endure your harassment," she added.

Lawyers for Ocasio-Cortez asked the suit be toxic with prejudice so it can't be brought back – but a federal judge

"I think she has to testify," Judge Frederic Block said. "Her point is that this was an OK thing to do … she has to explain."

Hikind said he was blocked by AOC after he tweeted

"That comment from her, I found so incredibly outrageous," Hikind, also to Democrat, said at the hearing.

"I said after he had a conversation," he said after he was blocked.



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