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Another Facebook election on Trump – Axios

Data: adapted from an interactive Bully Pulpit table; Graph: Axios Visuals

"The world view from the Trump campaign it's different of anything we've ever seen, "says Michael Beach, CEO of marketing analysis firm Cross Screen Media and a veteran of Republican presidential advertising campaigns.

Trump's campaign is led by digital veterinarian Brad Parscale, whose main field is the analysis and targeting of the public.

  • "We have a team of experts, still together since 2016," a senior member of the Trump 2020 team tells Axios "Jonathan Swan." But above all, we have Donald Trump and no scale and converts like Trump, "

Be smart: While the Democrats need to seize the first donors with evidence of momentum, President Trump needs to lead the support from his base.

  • "The Trump campaign has built a low-cost dollar fund-raising machine, which causes the hoarding of money to be less of a priority," says Beach. "The addition of votes, either through persuasion or commitment, trumps cash reports in hand."
  • This allows the Trump campaign to focus on the spending it has been able to accumulate over the past two years, while Democrats like Beto O & Rourke and Bernie Sanders focus their efforts on raising funds for large future purchases.

When it comes to targeting, campaigns on both sides are currently spending most of the dollars nationwide. But their goals and strategies are very different.

  • Trump has a heavy domestic blanket with small targeted purchases in states like Florida.
  • The Democrats are focused on building a national base of supporters and donors, not yet in an early state campaign, according to the data.

From the numbers: Trump is extinguishing the best Democratic candidates (Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris) 9-to-1 when it comes to total advertising spending on Google and Facebook so far.

  • "This is an unprecedented level of investment so soon, and especially by an incumbent president," says Mike Schneider, partner of Bully Pulpit Interactive.
  • "Trump has spent at least $ 13 million on digital media since May 2018 and over $ 4.5 million in 2019 alone," says Schneider.

Facebook advertising spending by all candidates is far superior to Google's advertising spend, based on the data. Overall, all candidates spend about 3 times as much on Facebook ads as on Google ads. The Trump campaign is investing even more heavily on Facebook, spending 3.5 times as much as on Google.

  • "If you want to reach real voters, you have to go where they are and they are all still on Facebook and its subsidiaries (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger)", says Jessica Alter, co-founder of Tech for Campaigns, a permanent digital arm for progressive campaigns and centrist.

The big picture: Trump's influence on Facebook will not be limited to advertising spending. Although Facebook has suffered a major setback from the 2016 elections, data from data analysis companies suggest that the same organic media trends that pushed the Trump base on Facebook in 2016 are still prevalent until 2020.

  • National political stories thrive on Facebook, according to data from news analysis company Parse.ly. Since February, almost 28% of all traffic reports (direct and indirect) to political, law and government articles have come from Facebook. In comparison, only 9% comes from Google.
  • Partisan news sources also thrive on Facebook. Fox News is the most popular news on Facebook so far in 2019, according to a new Newswhip report, which measures social commitment. Right-wing publishers like The Daily Wire, Daily Mail and Breitbart have almost made the cut, as well as some left-handed outlets.

The bottom line: "Trump's digital sophistication was one of the most talked about stories of the 2016 election cycle," says Schneider of Bully Pulpit. "Trump's digital start in the 2020 cycle is one of the stories below"


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