An object from another planetary system flew into the Earth's atmosphere. "Reporter


Our planet is regularly bombarded from space and the celestial bodies that enter the atmosphere often come from other planetary systems.

Based on a study by NASA & # 39; s database with near-earth objects research centers (CNEOS), scientists from the University of Harvard came to the conclusion that a celestial body burned in the Earth's atmosphere in January 2014 was a " guest "was from another planetary system.

According to preliminary calculations, it is & # 39; home country & # 39; of this object a system that is somewhere in the disk of the Milky Way.

Scientists compared the speed of the object and its trajectory and came to the conclusion that the celestial body, because of its speed, which reached 60 kilometers per second, did not even notice the gravity of the sun as it approached.

In their opinion, this only indicates that it has flown in from a planetary system at a considerable distance from the Sun.

According to scientists, only the size of the body (presumably about a meter in diameter) saved the earth from a collision with it. If it were larger, it would not be completely burned in the atmosphere, but would reach the surface of our planet.

At present, neither history nor science is unknown documented evidence of the death of people due to falling meteorites.