An asteroid is approaching the earth tomorrow with terrible speed



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NASA has announced that an asteroid named 1999 KW4 is approaching Earth at a terrible speed on Saturday.

"The asteroid is classified from huge space rock and rare species, at a speed of 77,248 km / h for the speed of the Earth," NASA quoted from NASA as NASA.

The asteroid arrives on Saturday night at the closest point on Earth and is clearly visible until May 27, a rare form of a double asteroid with a 2.6 kilometer long moon, the asteroid revolves around the sun in 188 days.

The asteroid was first discovered 20 years ago, according to NASA the asteroid will not get close to earth again until 2036.

The Small Earth Center of the Smithsonian Observatory of Astrophysics has classified 1999 KW4 as a "potentially dangerous asteroid" because it will move off the Earth relatively quickly. However, the asteroid only passes 3.2 million miles of land, about 13 times the distance between the earth and the moon.