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Sony is leveraging AMD's latest CPU and GPU architectures for the next-generation PlayStation chip. On the CPU side we are examining 8 CPU cores based on AMD's Zen 2 microarchitecture. This is the same CPU microarchitecture that AMD expects to launch in PCs in the middle of the year, with products like the Ryzen "Matisse" CPU and second generation EPYC "Rome" processors. While we are still waiting to see how much Zen 2 architecture behaves in the real world, the already very powerful Zen (1) architecture is happening, so everyone here has high expectations here and AMD seems eager to deliver them.

The details of PS5 were shared by Sony Cerny of Sony in an interview with Wired. What was published did not cover the price, Wired writer Peter Rubin did during his discussion with Cerny, and shared their exchange on Twitter. Of course, Cerny was shy about saying too much, but he made the system tease with an "attractive" price tag. "I believe we will be able to release it to an SRP [suggested retail price] which will be interesting for players in light of its advanced feature set, "he said.

Wrapping the first teaser of Sony's next-generation PlayStation hardware, Cerny's and Wired article also confirms something that most people would expect from the choice of Sony's architecture: the new console will be backwards compatible with PS4 games.

The leaked specifications are very similar to the official information we got, but the leaked specifications go into more detail. The leaked specs state that the PS 5 will also feature an AMD Zen 2 and an 8-core / 16 Navi but, they say, the AMD Navi GPU will feature 12 TFLOPs of performance.

PS 5 2X More powerful than Xbox One X

Xbox One X features an integrated AMD GPU with 6 performance Tflops, which means the PS 5 GPU will be at least 2 times more powerful than Xbox One X. The Xbox One X and PS 4 Pro are both braked by the their CPUs are obsolete, but this will not be the case with PS 5 thanks to its Zen 2 CPU 7nm 8 core / 16 thread. With proper optimization, PS 5 may be able to run the latest Triple-A games at 4K 60 FPS!

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