Home tech Amazon Kindle: Cheapest eBook reader now with lighting

Amazon Kindle: Cheapest eBook reader now with lighting

With the new Kindle, Amazon is bringing display illumination into its cheapest eBook reader for the first time. This was otherwise only the sometimes much more expensive Paperwhite and Oasis models reserved. The price of the Kindle starts at just under 80 euros.

The popular eBook reader Amazon Kindle is now in the ninth generation and is one of the bestsellers of the internal hardware alongside the echo speakers. Amazon calls the new Kindle feature "front light", but it is actually a classic background lighting in the form of four built-in LEDs. These make it possible to read books using the E-Reader, even in the dark without restrictions. The 6-inch touch screen will also include a new e-ink technology that offers better contrast and ignores unintended swipe movements.Amazon Kindle (2019)

With four gigabytes of internal memory, the capacity of the new Kindle is tight, but Amazon promises the easy storage of thousands of books. Similarly, the "weeks of battery life" and the ability to play audio books via the integrated Audible app are among the plus points of the new Kindle. The 174-gram eBook reader connects to the Kindle eBook Store via Wi-Fi and synchronizes its own library and reading stations on different devices.
Amazon Kindle (2019)The new Kindle in black …
Amazon Kindle (2019)… and white color variant.However, a free mobile connection is only available for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis. They also offer more LED & # 39; s for lighting, watertight housings and screens with a higher resolution with a pixel density of 300 ppi (Kindle = 167 ppi) at a higher price. Moreover, with eight or 32 gigabytes of memory, they get considerably higher capacity variants.

Kindle: prices and availability

The new Kindle is sold in black and white from 79.99 euros. The price applies to the version with so-called special offers, so with advertisements displayed on the screen saver. If you want to stop advertising, you pay the Kindle without special offers of 89.99 euros. A matching bundle, consisting of the new Kindle, a protective cover and a separate charger, is correct at around 115 euros. Delivery is scheduled for April 10.

Amazon, touchscreen, Kindle, e-book reader, Amazon Kindle, e-ink, e-reader
Amazon, touchscreen, Kindle, e-book reader, Amazon Kindle, e-ink, e-reader

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