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Alien messages? Fast radio bursts, strange signals from space

Many, if not infinite, are the versions of supposed messages from space that have been detected by radio telescopes on Earth, but how is this information true? What is the possibility of receiving and catching a signal from outside our solar system? And if these emissions could be detected by a modern system to understand, If someone or something outside of it tries to leave a message for millions of years?; You have to watch it again because it is possible.

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This is the case Fast radio bursts or the FRB because of his acronyms in English, exactly what the name indicates: short bursts, very short -The duration is a few milliseconds- whose emissions capture the radio telescopes, They have a lot of energy, come from outside the Milky Way and have now raised more questions than answers.

The first rapid radio burst was discovered in 2001 and perhaps to show his fame as elusive, he passed by completely unnoticed, simply it was known from its existence until 2007, while a team reviewed old data from the Parkes radio telescope in New South Wales (Australia).

Reference image | Radio telescope

In the next ten years it has discovered another 60 bursts, "a small number that makes it really hard to discover what it is", without forgetting that it is naturally impossible to know where or when the next one will take place.

The thing has become interesting in recent years, however 2016 there was a made clave in this detection of stellar signals. The radio telescope Arecibo (Puerto Rico), detected a FRB, 121102, the first that was repeated. That circumstance made it easier to study because until then "astronomers only had a small window to observe and study" – says Cherry Ng, Astronomer at the University of Toronto.

Reference image

The 121102 burst comes from an extremely powerful object in a galaxy at around 3000 million light-years away in a very dense and compressed area, according to a study published in the journal nature a year ago by scientists from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

The astrophysicist Benito Marcote, from the Joint Venture Institute for VLBI ERIC from the Netherlands, which is part of that team, explained the Efe agency in an email that, "For the time being, the ultimate origin of the FRB remains a mystery, but little by little the possibilities are limited".

Observations have shown that the objects they produce must be "fairly compact, young, tens or hundreds of years old, and in very extreme environments," Marcote explains. That is why the most likely hypothesis remains for the time being the bursts are produced by young neutron stars and with a very strong magnetic field. "

Unclear, more is needed to strengthen the FRB to make it so clear and that is "where the scenario is not so clear". Most models consider that those neutron stars are surrounded by the remains of a superluminal supernova explosion and it is the interaction between the two that the FRB produces, but others argue that the star is in the vicinity of a black hole that produces an interaction similar to that of the supernova

Reference image | Radio telescope

It is too early to say that there are signs, that there is life in the exo-space, or that an alien message can be deciphered, astronomers will continue their dedicated work to study this type of source with one of the most powerful new radio telescopes such as the has recently opened CHIME in Canada.

Since last summer has detected more than a hundred bursts and discovered that "they are capable of transmitting energy at very low frequencies," which means that some of the theories about the environment in which they occur must be reconsidered.

So far the largest contribution from CHIME is finding one second burst that is repeated"Now we know that the original FRB of repetition is not unique, there could be a whole population of FRB & # 39; s like them!", Says Ng, who is part of the team that made this discovery.

With information from EFE

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