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AirPlay: why Netflix wipes Airplay for Apple devices

"Error. No title display possible. Try again later," it said on many screens of Apple users at the weekend. Behind it lazy black. The AirPlay feature, which wirelessly streams Netflix content to Apple devices and other compatible devices, is no longer supported by the streaming portal. The caps of the popular option came without prior notice and are apparently the result of a dispute between the two technology companies.

On its support page, Netflix initially spoke vaguely about technical limitations, but did not elaborate further. Meanwhile, AirPlay has not activated itself in the app or the corresponding function in the iOS Control Center. A large number of user complaints and a request from the American technical magazine "The Verge" eventually pushed the group to a more detailed explanation.

Netflix fears loss of user experience

Apple recently rolled out AirPlay and AirPlay 2 now offers support for third-party devices. This makes it possible for the first time to transfer streams to various smart TVs from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and LG. The corresponding AirPlay 2 interfaces are installed in the manufacturer's new devices.

The following problem now occurs with Netflix: the streaming giant can no longer uniquely identify the devices and distinguish them from each other, which in turn makes it impossible to adjust the content accordingly and makes the optimum graphic display more difficult. When you moved to the headquarters in California, the plug was pretty complete.

Compared to "The Verge", Netflix tried to defend its drastic decision: "We want to ensure that our members have a great Netflix experience on every device they use, and with the introduction of AirPlay on third-party devices, there is no way to distinguish between devices (what is an Apple TV device and what?) or to certify these experiences, that's why we've decided to stop Netflix AirPlay support to ensure that our ad quality standard is met, and members can continue to use Apple TV and other devices through the integrated app access to Netflix. "

Is there more to the AirPlay deactivation?

Disabling the Apple streaming option on Netflix may be the harbinger of more intense competition between the streaming giants. Apple recently introduced its own "TV Plus" flow service, which combines different services from multiple providers. However, Netflix refused to collaborate with Apple and continued to show the content only on the Netflix platform. However, compared to "The Verge", a Netflix spokesperson emphasized: "There are no power games between companies".

At the moment, Netflix seems to be keeping its feet still and waiting for Apple's next move. As long as Apple TV users only have the option to install Netflix directly on the device as an app and manage content about it. Streaming from Google Chromecast is still supported.


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