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A twisted couple stabbed, beaten and burned to death my disabled father for his PlayStation

The devastated daughter of a father who was burned to death for his PlayStation asked: "What kind of human kills someone on a game console?"

Aimy Brady, 23, spoke after a deformed couple was sentenced for the murder of his disabled father Eamon, 44.

Sicko William Vaill, 37, and his girlfriend Deborah Andrews, 44, stabbed and beaten Eamon, set him on fire and escaped with his game console in a bag.

A police chief said the victim had the worst wounds he saw in his career.

Speaking to the Sunday People, Aimy said: "They mutilated my beautiful dad for something so useless.

"They are monsters, I hope they will both die in prison."

Weirdo William Vaill, 37, and his girlfriend Deborah Andrews, 44, stabbed and beat Eamon, gave him fire and fled with his game console in a bag

Deborah Andrews was also involved in the base attack

The day before the murder, Vaill, known to close friends as Eddy, left a chilling post on his Facebook page suggesting what would happen.

The image of a grinning Grim Reaper with a bloody knife bore the message: "The question is not who will leave me … who will stop me".

Aimy says that the murderous couple, who pretended to be her friend with her father, robbed him and killed him in a pathetic attempt to become famous as the infamous couple of the years, Bonnie and Clyde.

Aimy said: "They were kissing on the back of the police van when they were arrested.

"I heard that Deborah said to William," Do you know who we are now? We are the new Bonnie and Clyde. & # 39;

"But I'm not Bonnie and Clyde, they're two fantasists, they're complete and absolutely idiots.

"I hope they torture themselves for the rest of their lives for what they did."

Aimy said, "They mutilated my beautiful dad for something so useless."

Firefighters found Eamon's charred body at his home in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, last July.

An autopsy revealed that he had suffered multiple head injuries, gunshot wounds and had been set on fire.

CCTV footage showed that Vaill and Andrews fled in the middle of the night with two bags.

They were traced by agents in a nearby address.

Police found that they sold several Eamon items, including the £ 250 console and an audio system.

Aimy took the painful decision to pay her father a last visit to the morgue but says that she is now being haunted by what she has seen.

Aimy's father was burned to death on a PlayStation

He said: "For months I could not sleep and I woke up screaming, seeing my father's face."

Tragic Eamon became friends with Weilldo Vaill after meeting him over two decades ago through mutual friends.

Aimy, of Maghull, Merseyside said of Vaill: "I've known all my life, it was always around our house.

"I thought she was strong when I was a child."

Vaill moved to the Netherlands but later returned.

Aimy recalled: "He's back in our lives, but he seemed different, I knew it was bad news.

"He started to get stranger when Deborah arrived in his life.

Aimy says that killer lovers have killed Eamon in a cowardly attempt to be famous as the infamous couple of the years, Bonnie and Clyde

"They knew each other at school and met again years later".

Aimy discovered the horrible death of her father after her cousin sent her a private message on Facebook.

He recalled: "I was getting ready for work and I received a message to say that he was dead.At the beginning I thought he had died in a fire but when the police told me what had happened I was ill.

"I felt so angry and hurt, I can not describe the anger I felt."

Aimy says that the couple started with the PlayStation and his father's stereo and some Elvis memorabilia.

He said: "He loved that PlayStation, we played FIFA and he was a big fan of Manchester United.

"My father was a big Elvis fan too, and if I could dream it was his favorite song.

"I also heard that Vaill took my father's clothes and changed them after killing him.

"I heard he burned my father while he was wearing my father's dress.

"My father was disabled, how could he do that to him?" Papa had a problem with the drink.

"He lost my brother two years ago and his mother – my grandmother – six months before due to illness.

"He had to have a bypass in both arteries in his legs at the start of this year, so he had a permanent lameness.

Preston's crown court learned that when the two were put in the back of a police van, Vaill and Andrews jealously referred to themselves as "the new Bonnie and Clyde."

Aimy assisted in the judicial proceedings and listened to the heartbreaking evidence of how his father was attacked and killed.

Initially, the killers declared themselves not guilty, but Vaill changed his plea and admitted the murder along with an arson charge.

Andrews was found guilty of murder and arson with intent after a trial.

The couple will be sentenced this Friday and will have to face life with a minimum deadline.

William Vaills posted this sick picture on Facebook before the terrible fatal attack on Eamon

Aimy said: "They even talked about having a baby when they got out of jail".

After the case, the inspector Lukmann Mulla said: "Vaill and Andrews are extremely dangerous criminals and we welcome today's decision in court.

"The couple hit Mr. Brady knowing he was vulnerable.

"While a clear reason for murder has never been established, what is clear is that they launched a vicious and prolonged attack causing numerous horrible injuries"

Det Insp Mulla added, "Mr. Brady's injuries have been among the worst I've ever seen in my cop career.

"My thoughts remain with his family and his friends.

"The actions of Vaill and Andrews were evil, cruel and savage.

Aimy Brady, right, said that his father Eamon was "tragically and too soon"

"Both now face a significant period of time in prison".

Aimy lived 50 miles from his father's apartment at the time of his death.

He had not seen him for about five months before being killed.

But the two often kept in touch via text messaging and phone calls. Aimy said that the day before the murder his father seemed his usual, generous and bubbly on the phone.

He said: "He called me to say he had transferred £ 50 to my account.

"He had done it every day of pay for years".

Tragically, July 19th would not have been the last time Eamon had treated his daughter with that kind gesture, but the last time he would have heard from him again.

Aimy's family had to open a fundraising page to pay for Eamon's funeral.

His distraught daughter said: "I hope his murderers see my father's face every night, like I did.

"I want you to pursue them."

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