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A special version of Watsab, supported by exceptional functions


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News has shown that the popular IM application "Watsab" has decided to support some of its users with a special version supported by exceptional functions.

The website, "Beta Beta Info", technical specialist that "Wattsab" is currently testing a new version for the tablets, "Apple" tablet from Apple, "US only.

Watsab supports this version of a number of new functions, which are only available for iPad computers.

The most prominent of these changes, which can be found in the new beta version of the Watsab application, are as follows:

– Change the main interface and the buttons to "synchronize" to be compatible with the "iPad" computers.

– A similar version to the "Watsab Web" version of personal computers and laptops.

– The ability to run the same "Wattsab" account on your iPhone and iPad, without having to force your iPhone to connect to the Internet for your iPad to work.

– Possibility of opening more than one account in the same "Watsab" application.



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