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What are we looking at

A strong man who retires in Kazakhstan – Since 1989, a man has ruled the massive Kazakhstan republic of central Asia rich in oil. That is, until yesterday, when Nursultan Nazarbayev resigned as president and made a close ally in office until new elections were called. It was said that the 78-year-old Kazakh leader had been plan a transition for more than two years, putting allies in key positions, weakening the power of the presidency and strengthening the weight of the country's Security Council, which will continue to lead. But the exact moment was a surprise. We are looking at this story – not only because it is a rare example of a strong man who leaves the power of his will, but because we suspect that Vladimir Putin is also watching. The rugged 66-year-old Russian leader needs to understand what he will do when his term expires in 2024. The constitution says that Putin cannot run again. Does Nazarbayev trace a path that Putin can follow?

A suspicious death in Italy – Italian authorities are investigating the suspicious disappearance of Imane Fadil, a 34-year-old Moroccan model who died in Milan earlier this month – apparently with high levels of toxic metals in the blood that could indicate poisoning. Fadil was often a guest of the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in the notorious bunga-bunga sex parties, and was a key witness in his 2013 trial for child sex accusations. Adding to the intrigues, Fadil was supposed to testify in another upcoming court case. Beyond all this, his death could have an immediate impact on Italian politics: the Italian right-wing League is less inclined to make an election this summer, because the Fadil case portends the Berlusconi's Forza Italia party, the group that the League would ideally like to collaborate to obtain a majority in parliament.

What we are ignoring

The scent of fascism – In a new advertisement outside Israel, a beautiful woman slips through black and white art scenes like a model, purring to put new limits on the judiciary, and spitting herself out with a perfume called "fascism". Hot stuff, right? But this is not just a sultry model that captures the scent of a designer: it is the right-wing justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, who incited the left in an attempt to reduce the power of the courts, which she claims is too liberal. At the end of the false advertisement, which is intended to promote his new right in view of the upcoming elections, Skaked takes the scent of perfume and tells viewers: "Smells like democracy for me". We are ignoring this offer to return the name of his party to the titles because the fascination of fascism is not at all funny.

Devin Nunes's mother – Devin Nunes, a Californian Republican deputy, filed a lawsuit to obtain $ 250 million in compensation against a Twitter personality following the @DevinNunesMom handle, other users of the popular messaging platform and Twitter itself. According to a copy of the report charged by Fox News, Nunes, Trump's ardent supporter who was president of the House Intelligence Committee, declares @DevinNunesMom slandered calling him "presidential trumpeter and swamp rat" and claiming he was "voted" Most likely to commit treason in high school, "among other digital insults. The lawsuit also accused Twitter of suppressing conservative points of view – an argument that other Republicans have used to exert political pressure on society. We will look at how this argument works , but we are ignoring @DevinNunesMom Judging by the great leap of followers that @DevinNunesMom has received since the case was filed, when it is all over, we are certain that Congressman Nunes would like him to do it too.

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